We are honored to be opening for our friends Greta Van Fleet in Europe this fall. We can't wait to see your lovely faces.

Tickets: goodbyejune.com/tour



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LinneaSoulshine's picture

Saw you guys in Stockholm last night and you f*cking blew us AWAY! One chord and we were like "What the...!!?!?" and then stood there (in the front row) gaping in awe for the rest of your set. I love a bit of slide guitar- fantastic!!!!! And the vocals....just wow. Thank you- me and my friends became instant fans/ Linnéa

ingsee's picture

Just saw the band in Hamburg.  Killer gig, guys!  Showmanship, musicianship, Rock and Roll DNA:  First class.

Oh, Yeah! Loved GVF, too, of course, but I must say that Landon is a better front man, addresses an audience better, than Josh Kiszka (Age Factor?).  I'm an American who's lived 35 yrs in Germany, am soon moving back to U.S.  Hope to see men of GJ in Florida.  Very, very best wishes, lads.  Michael